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Uncle Bob's Recommendations for Listening and Singing

Choral Treats II

Paired Treats: Two different settings of the same sacred texts

Choral Treats I

This series is for all music lovers, singers and non-singers alike. Just watch, listen and enjoy. Each document contains commentary, translations and 30 to 50 minutes of music (YouTube videos).

  1. Rheinberger and Pearsall

  2. Gabrielli and Kodaly

  3. Bruckner, Wood, and Stanford

  4. Durufle and Victoria

  5. Poulenc and Byrd

  6. Vaughan Williams and Lauridsen

  7. Faure, Stravinsky, and Brahms

  8. Singing Groups For You to Follow

Hav Messiah.jpg

Claire's 2023 Choral Advent Calendar

(works best on a computer)

Xmas 2020

A double album of choral treats for the holidays – notes, YouTube links, and lyrics.

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