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Visual Art

A Feast of Zomes Gallery

A closer look at the models
1. What’s to be Gained from Deficits?
2. Parts is Parts
3. Zome Perfect

Click on the photo below to view a gallery of 15 images.

Click here to see the Archimedean solid 5, 6, 6 in motion.

Zometools are collections of precisely made plastic struts and balls. The struts come in several colors and lengths that make the construction of planar and solid designs possible. The balls each have 62 holes which enable many different angles between any two struts. Zomes have been found to have applications in art, architecture, the sciences, and in Uncle Bob’s first love, mathematics.

For the full story visit About the Zometool

For an excellent guide, educational and project resource, I highly recommend
Zome Geometry: Hands-on Learning with Zome Models
George W. Hart and Henri Picciotto, Key Curriculum Press, 2001

Uncle Bob's Islamic Design Gallery


Constructed with Geometer's Sketchpad®, enhanced with Adobe Fireworks® and Flash®
Sutton, Islamic Design: A Genius for Geometry
Crossling, Alhambra Coloring Book
Bourgoin, Islamic Patterns

Uncle Bob's Iso-Gallery

Please read
Tessellating Hexagons: Escher’s Theorem

Bob's Escher Gallery

Winter Windows in New Hampshire

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