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Bob's thoughts and creations on a variety of topics

A Murder Book?

Part One

Part Two


A Visit to Emmy

The Marriage of Alan and Alice, A One-act Play for Actors and Singers: Marian and the Merry Men disrupt a heinous nuptial arrangement. Author grants free non-exclusive use.

Uncle Bob's full-length play with suggested choral music, “Arthur’s Dark Angel,” is on sale at The Bob Store – NOW!

'Tis the Season ~ October 2019, a poem


All-American Limericks


Crossword Advisor


Two excerpts from UB: A Memoir of Uncle Bob Mead, the full 28-chapter ebook, available now at the Bob Store:

UB: Inductee

A young man feels a draft and catches a chill.


Bob the Singah

Advice from the

master, Sir David





Winter Storm Names – A Plea for Sanity

Death by Ars Magna ~ a crime story

Part I

Part II

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