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Musical Daffynitions


I think you'll be quite surprised to learn that you know more about the technical aspects of music than you imagine. Please match each of the following musical expressions with its definition as found in the DDMT, the Daffy Dictionary of Musical Terms.

  1. Allegro assai

  2. Alregretto

  3. Counterpoint

  4. Chamber music

  5. Fortissimo

  6. Harmony

  7. Hymn

  8. Key signature

  9. Lieder

  10. Motet

  11. Piano

  12. Mezzo piano

  13. Reverberation

  14. Schmalzando

  15. Spritzicato

  16. Stringendo

  17. Overture

a. a song which is most effective when hummed.
b. a light and bubbly style.
c. music best appreciated from the outside of a soundproof booth.
d. a dynamic indication to be about as loud as a dropped piano.
e. about as loud as a piano dropped from the mezzanine.
f. tempo suggestion, as in “Jeez, I wish we could take this a little faster.”
g. that section in the piece where you realize you’ve taken everything too fast.
h. a song about the part of the hosen on which to hitch the garter.
i. a group of 4-6 people who try to play while riding mopeds.
j. a spirited debate among the first altos.
k. not over by a long shot.
l. a time when the viola player wishes for a longer bow.
m. the U.S. Army Chorus’s “Alamo upgrade.”
n. [meaning unknown] first reference found in the Singing Physicians Creed, as in “first, do no _______.”
o. a romantic passage with flourishes occurring approximately every other beat.
p. a technique for expanding a simple hymn into an oratorio.
q. that which completes a contract among all performers to agree on something.

October 2007

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