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A blog for the Ides of March

Dear solvers ~

I’m watching the white stuff come down in Bryn Mawr, but making some serious patio garden plans, too. When do we start seeds in this new, for us, climate zone? Please send Uncle Bob your suggestions.

Ukraine: Claire and I sent a donation to C.A.R.E. and a blanket to the collection box at Harcum College. Please see what you can do for a very poot upon people.

We have just published the final part of our geometrical journey “A Minor Intrusion” (in Writings/Pop Math) and a fresh set of word puzzles. We are trying to have Choicewords make a comeback along with our other regulars. Check ‘em out.

… and don’t forget we have new puzzle sets at The Bob Store. You will find Choicewords and Nothing in Common, among other genres.

Cheers and happy solving,


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