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What's a Pronic Number?

Hello, Solvers~

Just for the sake of change, we’ll start by describing the usual offerings of word puzzles. The Five and Ten offers lists of five letter words, but each one has a hole that needs filling – with single letters that make up a final answer. Word Golf gives you nine words that have missing heads and feet – it’s not all that grizzly though. Wordsmiths should have a go at our toughest two: the Crisscross Crunch and the Midicryptic Crossword.

Finally, in this department you will find a double offering of what has turned out to be my favorite puzzle to construct – it is equally challenging for the constructor and the solver. Either party must make a ring of sixteen words from a pool of only twelve letters. Ah, but not all twelve are available at every turn. Find out the particulars and double your fun with two of Nothing in Common.

Uncle Bob hopes against hope to hear from readers who enjoy his Pop Math articles, and right now we have a Journey going through the Pronic Numbers, those that are simply the products of two consecutive whole numbers, like 3 times 4, or 12, and 20, and 30, and so on. Parts 1 and 2 are now available, and we’re making a lot of connections with these numbers. Join us.

Happy Reading & Solving,


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