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Something for Everybloody!

Hello, Solvers,

I’ve busy lately getting all of my tomato plants in a row.

Aunt Claire hopes you have enjoyed Part One of our book chat on murder mysteries. We have one more installment for you, and Hallelujah, the crime is solved and an arrest made. All the grimy details are found in A Murder Book? Part Two on the Musings page). Let us know if you have a favorite author in this genre.

Uncle Bob dons his geek suit once more to bring you a fifth Journey into the world of math. Over the next few months we will detail some properties of a set of numbers that I’m too embarrassed to name. You’ll have to read the introduction to find out why this is. Basic arithmetic and a tiny bit of algebra should get you to the ultimate destination. See Math Journey 5: The ______ Numbers.

In the Department of Words, we offer our regular puzzles Word Golf, Nothing in Common, Five and Ten, Crisscross Crunch, and the MidiCryptic crossword.

Happy Solving,


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