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Zomes at Play

Hello, Solvers ~

We introduce a seventh essay in our series on geometry in support of our gallery devoted to sculptures created with precision modeling kits known as Zometools. The last two parts, seven and eight, will be a bit of a departure as we collapse all of space down to the plane and pay a little homage to the geometry we all grew to love in school: two-dimensional. Look for “Settling into a Flat.” It comes with another gallery of playful pics.

We offer our usual assortment of word puzzles, but changes are in the wind. The Fit for Four is nearing the end of a long run, having been enjoyed by various groups of people individually and at several parties we attended. Sets of these puzzles will remain available at the Bob Store. The Minicryptic Crossword is being beefed up and altered into an 8-row by 6-column barred puzzle. It’ll be double the fun at least.

For those and other word puzzles we have tutorials and advice columns for you.

Happy Solving and Cheers,


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