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No foolin!

Hello to our Solvers ~

The sad news of the bridge collapse in Baltimore reminds us that there are still many things in this world that are not too big to fail, but coming to you without the need of a container ship is this April Uncle Bob.

Cryptarithms! Crypto and Arithmetic. Many are familiar with cryptograms: messages hidden behind a tossed salad of letters. In cryptarithms the salad conceals numerals related by a simple calculation, where 1776 might appear as BEEP! The crypto provides the mysteries and arithmetic provides the solutions. See Math Curiosities in the Math/Logic Puzzles Department.

In February we introduced a re-designed 8x6 Midi-Cryptic Crossword housed in a barred grid. Cryptics present a challenge to all solvers, but please keep in mind that the clue for the answer is always present – amidst the obfuscation. Find them on the Word Puzzles page.

Also in the Department of Words we offer Word Golf, Nothing in Common, Five and Ten, and Crisscross Crunch.

Happy Solving,


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