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The Puzzle Corner at 25

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

In March of 1998 Frances Mallary, owner and editor of the monthly Behind the Times (“All the news that’s kept ’til now”), published in Bradford, Vermont, accepted and ran my first of 300 monthly columns. Frances wisely encouraged my astronomy articles — a keen interest of folks in the North Country — and kindly tolerated the math and puzzles which were my first interest. An key inspirer for these didos and doodads was Martin Gardner, who wrote a much more lavish Mathematical Games column for Scientific American for 25 years. I fortunately had access to all of his opus. More details of this story can be found here.

To mark our 25th anniversary, UB has collected some fresh mind benders for your enjoyment and/or consternation. All the math involved is no higher than the el-hi level. See Alive at 25!.

Many of what we think are the better Uncle Bob items appear here at our current Puzzle Corner website. Fanatics can actually purchase puzzles sets and other items at The Bob Store. New sets of our regular word puzzle types appear every month.



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