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Bulking up the Cryptic!

Hello, Solvers~

This month we introduce a re-designed 8x6 Midi-Cryptic Crossword housed in a barred grid. Fans of cryptics will have more clues to ponder and, with the barred style grid, there should be more checked letters, those that belong to both across and down solution words, to aid beginners and pros alike. Aunt Claire thought that its larger size earned it a midi-cryptic designation. Find it on the Word Puzzles page.

On that page we present the final Fit for Four puzzle. Fit has been enjoyed by various groups of people individually and at several parties we attended. Sets of these puzzles will remain available at the Bob Store. You’ll find our other regular puzzles, Word Golf, Nothing in

Common, Five and Ten, and Crisscross Crunch, at your service too.

We conclude our series of eight articles on geometry in support of our gallery devoted to sculptures created with precision modeling kits known as Zometools. Contrarily, we began with 3-D models and some of their basic properties, and ended with two articles about plane figures.

You will find the galleries and the articles on our new page devoted to Zome.

Happy Solving and Cheers,


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