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Meet Fibonacci

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

A happy new year is imminent and we wish you the best for all of it. In casting about for a featured topic I looked at my Pop Math page and exclaimed, “What! No Fibonacci?” I had written several columns on this important guy back in the day, but none had been carried forward to the new website — until now!

We won’t do a deep dive yet, but rather bring you a couple of his classic problems from his 1202 CE masterpiece. You can hardly get more classic than that. Also, it has to be warm right now somewhere on this planet. In the first problem we will drop in on a meal with three bedouins under the desert palms. Look for “Two from the Fabulous Fibonacci” under Pop Math in the Writings menu.

These along with a fresh set of word puzzles should help you while away the hours until the new academic semester begins. It is our pleasure to serve.


Uncle Bob (for Aunt Claire also)

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