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Be sure to read "A Murder Book?" UB says it's a mystery to him!

New: Math Journey 5: The Pronic Numbers

New: Word Puzzles:

Redesigned Word Golf

8 x 6 Midi-Cryptic Crossword


A Feast of Zomes ~ Photo galleries and 8 supporting articles

Alive at 25! ~ Our Puzzle Corner's 25th Anniversary

UB’s Personal Top Ten Thrills from Astronomy



Bob Mead (“Uncle Bob”) has been publishing puzzles and popular math and science commentary since the 90s. "Aunt Claire" is our tech guru and occasional contributor. You can learn more about us on the About page.


If you are a puzzle person, look for some unconventional challenges. You'll find plentiful word puzzles, math puzzles, hybrids, tutorials, and advice.
If you are a puzzle beginner, dig in and don’t give up. Work with a friend and peek at answers when you need to [Aunt Claire has more suggestions

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