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A Word (Puzzle) or Six

Hello to our Solvers ~

First, Aunt Claire and I want to wish all of our subscribers a happy, festive December. Many of our close contacts have a tree up already, even though the twelfth day of Christmas, January 6, might find the live balsam needles a bit stressed. Amidst that span of days, your web weavers will celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary.

Let’s spend a bit of bits on what usually gets mentioned last and least: the word puzzles. We have three quick and rather easy ones. Five and Ten asks you to supply missing single letters to complete five-letter words, and then cobble those into a final ten-letter aswer. Fit for Four, which is nearing the end of a long run, having been enjoyed by various groups of people at several parties, asks for one word to go with four others in a two-word phrase or compound word. Then, if you have some time to putter around, there is Nine-Hole Word Golf, in which the challenge is to add letters parsimoniously to each end of a central core. For those and the more difficult word puzzles we have tutorials and advice columns for you. Happy solving.

Aunt Claire and I have liberated two other chapters from the memoir UB. One is an essay he wrote recalling his 21-year-old self facing war at the height of the Vietnam conflict. The other is a survey of his activities in the hobby he loves most – singing! The full memoir is on sale at the Bob Store, but you can access these chapters free here.

We continue a series of now six essays on 3-D geometry in support of our gallery devoted to sculptures created with precision modeling kits known as Zometools. Aunt Claire has opened up a new page devoted to Zome, and you will find the gallery and the articles there.



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