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Do some puzzles with your honey.

We celebrate Valentine’s Day with a packed array of articles and puzzles. First, we wrap up the Math Journey you may have begun last month. The Rich, Little Problem comes to its conclusion, perhaps – but only if you would like it to. Find it in Writings/Pop Math.

Since our last posting from Bryn Mawr, we have made a long overdue pilgrimage to a Bryn Mawr College celebrity. We pay inestimable homage to “Emmy” with our visit.

… and reflect on the harm a fascist state can do. Find it in Writings/Musings.

We include a full set of new Word Puzzles (Have you checked out the Help Pages and Tutorials?);

… and don’t forget we have new puzzle sets at The Bob Store. You will find Nothing in Common among other genres.

Cheers and happy solving,


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