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PD Collections

PD: Understanding Practice Standard 6: Attend to Precision (Explain SMP 6)

  1. Standards for Mathematical Practice: Commentary and Elaborations for K–5
  2. K-5 Standards for Mathematical Practice - 6. Attend to Precision (McGraw-Hill)
  3. Children’s Understanding of Equality (TCM article)
  4. Carlos and Sarah Present Their Solutions (Teaching Channel)
  5. Bansho (Board Writing) Ontario pdf

Classroom Collections

Classroom: Implementing CCSS Practice Standard 6 (no essay)

  1. A Maths Dictionary for Kids (Australia, interactive, math language)
  2. In Order (NRICH, units of measure, judge what level of precision is necessary, solutions)
  3. Developing Early Number Sense (Virginia, "say it to play it")
  4. Place Value Number Line (NLVM, zoom in to make more precise)
  5. Which Symbol? (meaning of symbols, equality, interactive)

PD: Developing Fact Fluency

Effective practice ...

  1. Fluency: Simply Fast and Accurate? I Think Not!
  2. What is the Name of This Game?
  3. Sense-making and Multiplication
  4. Practice (Think Math)

Classroom: Achieving Fact Fluency

  1. Magic Vs
  2. Remainders Count
  3. KenKen
  4. Make Five