April 2021

for 2021: Astronomy

Closer to Home – The Solar System

Uranus: Blandest Planet?


Words on Target - Game Plans

- a new party game from Uncle Bob.

No darts are used in the playing of this game.

Number Curiosities

Part Two: Second Powers (Squares)

Solutions for April

Department of Words

Reprise Puzzle

Nothing in Common

You may have missed them first time around. These puzzles call for the expertise and finesse of the best wordsmiths.

Five and Ten – choices, choices ... and a final answer called for.

Fit for Four– one word for ...

Crisscross Crunch – a big puzzle in a small space.

Minicryptic Crossword – where we don't mean half of what we say.

MiniCryptic Tutorial – where we explain the other half (will open in another window).

UB: A Memoir of Uncle Bob Mead.

Now available at the iBooks Store. Also, Uncle Bob’s own store is now open where the book will be available for purchase in pdf format, along with sets of 50 of UB’s regular puzzles (published individually since 2005).


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