October 2018

 for 2018

Alhambra Design – Promenade


 Numbered Pentominos – a fusion puzzle.

Target Practice Practice Plus

Simple arithmetic, but keep looking.

Best Math Sites Archives: 2015 | 2016

Department of Words

Ferriswords a carnival of letters with very few words.

Department of Words, continued

Five and Ten – choices, choices ... and a final answer called for.

Fit for Four – one word for snow, walk, card, and feet.

Alphabet Muster #2 – all 26 on deck!

Crisscross Crunch  – a big puzzle in a small space.

Also  for 2018:

The minicryptics experience Mission Creep!

Minicryptic 7s5s3s Crossword

where we don't mean half of what we say.

MiniCryptic Tutorial – where we explain the other half (will open in another window).

Solutions for October

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